Are you a golf enthusiast who’s always up to date with the latest trends in golf fashion? Or are you simply interested in how golf attire has evolved over the years? Whichever camp you fall into, one thing is certain: golf t-shirts have seen a dramatic transformation. This article will take you through the journey of golf t-shirts, exploring their evolution, modern trends, and the future. So, ready for a fashion tour on the fairways? Let's dive in!

Golf Attire: A Historical Overview

1. The Early Days

Golf, a sport deeply rooted in tradition, has witnessed a significant evolution in terms of its attire. Picture the early golfers from the 18th century, seen in paintings like Jeremiah Davison's depiction of the MacDonald boys playing golf, clad in long coats and britches, maybe even sporting a wee ruff. Quite a sight, isn’t it?

Golf T-Shirts the old way

2. Tweed Suits and Stiff Shirts Era

As time wore on, the late 19th century saw a shift in golf attire towards tweed suits, stiff shirts, and ties. It's fascinating how something as casual as golf could inspire such formal attire!

3. Post-War Casual Attire

By the 1920s, golfing style icons like Walter Hagen began to lighten the sartorial load, introducing more comfortable clothing like lightweight shirts, plus fours, and a bow tie. After World War II, golf attire became even more relaxed, with players like Sam Snead and Ben Hogan opting for softer collared shirts and lightweight cotton slacks.

Changing Golf Attire Norms

1. The Shift in Expectations

Golf is a sport where fashion evolves, and so do expectations. What was once deemed scruffy becomes the benchmark for smart attire as norms change over time.

2. Emergence of a Casual Dress Code

Despite the shift towards casual attire, golf clubs maintained a strict dress code throughout most of the 20th century, demanding tailored trousers, collared shirts, golf shoes for the course, and proper street shoes (no sneakers and no caps) for the clubhouse. Yet, as we moved into the 21st century, these formalities began to loosen.

The Evolution of Golf T-Shirts

1. From Collared Shirts to Collarless Golf Shirts

Interestingly, the idea of collarless golf shirts isn't a recent innovation. Mid-20th-century players wore mock turtle neck shirts, with Masters champions like Jimmy Demaret, Billy Casper, and Gary Player sporting collarless shirts back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

2. The Journey of Golf T-Shirts in the 20th Century

Today, the formal collared shirt requirement has mostly been phased out. A more laid-back golfing attire has been adopted, making the game more accessible and comfortable for all.

3. The Impact of Modern Golf Icons on T-Shirt Styles

Modern golf professionals have played a considerable role in popularizing collarless golf shirts. Icons like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have been early adopters of this trend, making it difficult for any golf facility to argue against their practicality and style.

Quick Overview:

This comprehensive article covers everything you need to know about golf t-shirts, exploring their evolution, significance, styles, and trends.

  1. The Evolution of Golf Attire: Golf's dress code has evolved significantly over the centuries. Once characterized by stiff suits and ties, golf fashion has since shifted towards comfort and functionality without compromising on style.
  2. Understanding Golf T-Shirts: Golf tshirts, specifically designed for the sport, offer the perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and range of motion. They're not just about style; they also enhance performance on the course.
  3. The Significance of Collars in Golf T-Shirts: Collared shirts were once a golf standard, but times are changing. Modern golf apparel often includes collarless designs, with top players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy leading the trend.
  4. Choosing the Right Golf T-Shirt: Consider factors like fit, material, personal comfort, and club rules when selecting a golf t-shirt. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Puma offer excellent options.
  5. Impact of Technology on Golf T-Shirts: Innovations in fabric technology have significantly improved golf t-shirts, with features like moisture-wicking, UV protection, and stretchable fabrics becoming common.
  6. Maintaining Your Golf T-Shirts: To keep your golf t-shirts in top condition, follow proper washing instructions, avoid harsh chemicals, and consider air-drying to maintain the garment's shape and size.
  7. The Future of Golf T-Shirts: Trends indicate a move towards more casual, sportier golf attire. Sustainable golf t-shirts, made from eco-friendly materials and processes, are also gaining popularity.
  8. Golf Men's T-Shirts: Men's golf t-shirts are designed for comfort, flexibility, and performance. The trend is towards more sporty styles, and many brands now offer sustainable options.
  9. Golf Women's T-Shirts: Women's golf t-shirts blend style and functionality, offering a range of styles from traditional polos to modern collarless designs. Sustainability is a key trend in women's golf fashion as well.

Modern Golf Fashion Trends

1. The Rise of Sportier Golf Attire

Golf fashion has been trending towards sportier styles. Gone are the days of voluminous, pleated slacks, tent-like polo shirts, and oversized visors that dominated the 1980s golf scene.

2. Performance Fabrics Taking Center Stage

Performance fabrics are now at the forefront of golf attire, with fitted polos and trousers, trainer-style golf shoes, and even hoodies becoming commonplace.

3. The Popularity of Collarless Golf Shirts Today

Collarless golf shirts have seen a resurgence in popularity, proving that good style, like a well-struck shot, always finds its way back.

Is a Collared Shirt Mandatory for Golf Today?

In today's golf world, the answer is a resounding "no." Unless a club has an old-fashioned dress code still in place, there's no need to adhere to the strict requirement of wearing a collared shirt. It might be time for those clubs to rethink their approach.

Understanding the Material of Golf T-Shirts

1. Importance of Material Selection

The material of your golf t-shirt can make or break your comfort and performance on the course. Choose a fabric that allows for breathability, flexibility, and durability.

2. Common Materials Used in Golf T-Shirts

Typically, golf shirts are made from materials like cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. Cotton offers breathability and a soft touch, while polyester is lauded for its durability and moisture-wicking properties.

3. Impact of Material on Performance

The right material can enhance your golfing performance by keeping you comfortable, dry, and unrestricted during your swing.

Choosing the Right Fit for Your Golf T-Shirt

1. Importance of the Right Fit

A well-fitted golf t-shirt improves mobility and comfort. It shouldn't be too loose or too tight – your golf t-shirt should give you enough room to move freely without any restriction.

2. Measuring for the Right Fit

You can measure a good fit by checking the seams (they should align with the edge of your shoulders) and the shirt length (it should cover your waistband even when you raise your arms).

3. How the Right Fit Enhances Performance

A well-fitted shirt won't restrict your swing, promoting better performance on the course. An ill-fitted shirt, on the other hand, can be a distraction.

Respecting Club Dress Codes

1. Understanding Club Dress Codes

Despite the casual turn in golf fashion, some clubs maintain a dress code. It's always best to check the club's policy before hitting the course.

2. Importance of Respecting Dress Codes

Dress codes are part of golf tradition and respecting them shows courtesy and understanding for the game and its players.

3. Dealing with Old-fashioned Dress Codes

Should you encounter a club with a strict, old-fashioned dress code, it's their right to enforce it. However, they may want to consider if their rules are in line with the modern golfing world.

Leading Brands for Golf T-Shirts

1. Introduction to Popular Brands

Brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are well-known for producing quality golf tshirts. These brands incorporate modern technology in their designs to optimize performance.

2. Review of Brand Offerings

Each brand offers a range of golf tshirts with various features, such as moisture-wicking fabric, UV protection, and breathable material.

3. Choosing a Brand That Suits You

The best brand for you depends on your personal preferences, including fit, material, and style.

Taking Care of Your Golf T-Shirts

1. Importance of Proper Care

Good care extends the life of your golf t-shirts. It also helps maintain the performance benefits offered by modern materials.

2. Washing and Drying Techniques

Typically, golf shirts should be washed in cold water and dried on a low setting. This helps to prevent shrinking and color fading.

3. Extending the Life of Your Golf T-Shirts

Aside from proper washing and drying, storing your golf t-shirts correctly also helps in prolonging their life. Hanging them up as opposed to folding can prevent creasing and stretching.

Sustainability in Golf T-Shirts

1. The Growing Trend of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is becoming a major consideration in the fashion industry, and golf t-shirts are no exception. Many brands are now producing eco-friendly golf apparel.

2. Brands Leading in Sustainability

Brands like Adidas and Patagonia are leading the way in sustainable golf fashion, offering lines of golf t-shirts made from recycled or organic materials.

3. The Impact of Choosing Sustainable

Choosing sustainable golf shirts not only allows you to enjoy the game but also to contribute positively to the environment.

Golf Men's T-Shirts

1. Introduction to Men's Golf T-Shirts

As we dive into the realm of men's golf t-shirts, we find a world rich with variety and innovation. From the traditional polo to the more modern collarless designs, there's a golf t-shirt to suit every man's style and comfort preferences.

2. Characteristics of Men's Golf T-Shirts

Men's golf t-shirts are typically designed to accommodate a broader chest and shoulders. The fit is often looser and might have a longer cut for taller individuals. Yet, there's a focus on providing flexibility, allowing for a full range of motion during swings.

3. Material Considerations for Men's Golf T-Shirts

When it comes to material, moisture-wicking fabrics are a top choice. This helps keep players cool and dry even in high temperatures. Cotton blends, microfiber, and polyester fabrics are common choices.

4. Popular Men's Golf T-Shirt Styles and Trends

Styles in men's golf t-shirts range from traditional polos to modern collarless and mock neck designs. The trend is moving towards sportier, more casual styles, yet the elegance of a well-fitted polo remains a timeless classic.

5. Top Brands for Men's Golf T-Shirts

Brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Puma are often the go-to for many golfers. They offer an excellent mix of style, comfort, and performance-enhancing features.

6. Tips for Selecting Men's Golf T-Shirts

When selecting a golf t-shirt, consider the fit, material, and your personal comfort. Pay attention to the washing instructions to ensure the shirt maintains its shape and size.

7. Sustainability in Men's Golf T-Shirts

As we become more conscious of our environmental impact, many brands are offering sustainable options. Look for t-shirts made from recycled materials or environmentally-friendly processes.

8. Future Trends in Men's Golf T-Shirts

Expect to see more innovations in fabric technology and designs catering to a more casual, sporty look. The trend of sustainability is likely to continue, making eco-friendly golf t-shirts more accessible.

Golf Women's T-Shirts

1. Introduction to Women's Golf T-Shirts

In the sphere of women's golf t-shirts, style meets functionality. There's an extensive range to accommodate every woman's unique taste, ensuring she feels confident and comfortable on the golf course.

2. Features of Women's Golf T-Shirts

Women's golf t-shirts are usually cut to accentuate the female form, offering a flattering fit without hindering movement. They might include features like cap sleeves, ruching, or v-necks to add a touch of femininity.

3. Material Preferences for Women's Golf T-Shirts

Just like men's golf t-shirts, women's shirts often utilize moisture-wicking materials. The addition of stretchy fabrics like spandex or elastane ensures a comfortable fit that moves with you.

4. Women's Golf T-Shirt Styles and Trends

Styles in women's golf t-shirts include the traditional polo, sleeveless designs, and modern collarless options. The trend is leaning towards sporty yet stylish pieces that can be worn both on and off the course.

5. Leading Brands for Women's Golf T-Shirts

Brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour are popular choices for women as well. There are also brands like Lululemon and Athleta that cater specifically to women's sportswear.

6. Advice for Choosing Women's Golf T-Shirts

Choosing the right golf t-shirt involves considering the fit, comfort, style, and material. It's essential to try different brands and styles to find what works best for you.

7. Sustainability in Women's Golf T-Shirts

The push for sustainable fashion is also evident in women's golf t-shirts. Many brands are now offering eco-friendly options, using organic cotton, recycled materials, or less water-intensive manufacturing processes.

8. Predicted Future Trends in Women's Golf T-Shirts

Looking to the future, expect to see more variety in women's golf t-shirt designs. Brands will likely continue to innovate with new materials and styles, and sustainable options are expected to increase.


1. Recap of the Evolution of Golf T-Shirts

From the stiff collared shirts of yesteryears to the comfortable, high-performance golf t-shirts of today, golf fashion has evolved significantly.

2. Embracing the Future of Golf T-Shirts

The future of golf t-shirts lies in sustainability, performance, and comfort. As golfers, embracing these changes not only improves our game but also our impact on the environment.

3. Final Thoughts

The perfect golf t-shirt for you depends on various factors including fit, material, style, and your personal preferences. The most important thing is that it suits your needs and allows you to enjoy the game of golf.


Are golf t-shirts necessary for playing golf?

While golf t-shirts are not a strict requirement for playing golf, they are designed with features that promote comfort and performance on the course.

What materials are commonly used in golf t-shirts?

Golf t-shirts are commonly made from cotton, polyester, or a blend of both.

Are there specific fit guidelines for golf t-shirts?

The fit should allow for unrestricted movement and comfort. The seams should align with the edge of your shoulders and the shirt should cover your waistband even when you raise your arms.

Do I need to follow a dress code when playing golf?

Some golf clubs enforce a dress code. It's always best to check the club's policy before you play.

How should I care for my golf t-shirts?

Most golf t-shirts should be washed in cold water and dried on a low setting to prevent shrinking and color fading. Proper storage also extends their life.

Which brands offer the best golf t-shirts?

Brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas are popular for their golf t-shirts. However, the best brand for you will depend on your personal preferences.

Can I wear a collarless golf t-shirt?

Most modern golf clubs allow collarless t-shirts. However, some may enforce a strict dress code requiring collared shirts. Always check with the club before you play.

What is the trend in golf t-shirt fashion?

The trend is moving towards sportier, comfortable, and sustainable golf t-shirts.

Why is sustainability important in golf t-shirts?

Sustainable golf t-shirts reduce the environmental impact of production and promote a more ethical approach to fashion.

Do professional golfers wear specific brands of golf t-shirts?

Professional golfers often have sponsorships with specific brands, so they will usually wear t-shirts from their sponsoring brand.

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