Grand Endeavour Polo

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Embark on Your Golf Odyssey with Panache!

Hark, gallant golfers! Your chivalrous journey to golfing greatness begins with our Grand Endeavour Polo Shirt. It’s the Excalibur of golf attire – fit for golfing knights embarking on their glorious conquest of the greens! Don this regal garment and let every swing be as grand as your ambitions.

Classic Design: Swing with the Kings

With a collar that refuses to curl up like a coward before a dragon, thanks to its double-button placket bands, you’re destined to be as dashing as the great knights of old. Our regular fit is like a sturdy suit of armor, but without the clunkiness – so your majestic swing shall know no bounds! Rolled-forward shoulder seams? You bet! That’s how golfing royalty rolls!

Premium Fabric: Woven from the Looms of Legends

The fabric of the Grand Endeavour Polo Shirt is nothing short of mythical. Four-way stretch ensures your movements are as graceful as a bard’s ballad. It wicks away sweat so efficiently, you’d think you had a personal squire with a towel! And the sun? Fear it not! The sun protection UPF 50+ shields you like a valiant knight’s shield.

Eco-friendly: A Noble Commitment to Our Kingdom

Grand Endeavour is the green knight of golfing attire! Crafted from recycled polyester, our shirt is as kind to the environment as a gentle king to his subjects.

Royal Benefits:

  • Kingly Comfort: Revel in the comfort of high-density knitting.
  • Valiant Mobility: Shoulder seams that let you swing with valor.
  • Solar Shield: Sun protection worthy of the Round Table.
  • Regal Style: A classic design fit for golfing royalty.
  • Green Kingdom: Save the realm with eco-friendly materials.



S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

1 review for Grand Endeavour Polo

  1. Corey Tanner

    My favourite shirt. Really like the look and feel.

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