Floral Breeze Polo

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Experience the fusion of golfing excellence and floral sophistication with the Men’s Floral Breeze Golf Polo Shirt. Crafted for style, comfort, and eco-friendliness, let your swings bloom as you make your mark on the course.

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A Hole-in-One for Your Wardrobe!

Swing into spring with the Floral Breeze Polo Shirt, the ultimate fusion of dapper style and al fresco elegance! Designed to elevate your golf game, this shirt is like having a garden on your back as you take a stroll down the fairway. Who says you can’t be a petal-pushing fashionista and a golfing titan at the same time?

A Bouquet of Comfort and Style

The double-button placket bands keep your collar from doing the twist when you need it to waltz. Paired with a regular fit through the chest, this shirt ensures that your style stays as crisp as a fresh daisy. The rolled-forward shoulder seams are basically permission slips for your arms to attend the ‘Fairway Dance-Off’. Go ahead, let those swings bloom.

Silken Threads in a Garden of Elegance

Wrap yourself in luxury with a fabric that’s smoother than a freshly mown green. This four-way stretchy fabric is a bouquet of comfort, keeping your moisture in check so that you can focus on getting those birdies. The high knitting density ensures that this fabric stays as fresh as a daisy, and the added spandex means it’s always ready to cha-cha.

Let’s Turn Over a New Leaf

Here’s the blooming marvellous part – this shirt is made from recycled polyester sourced from clear plastic water bottles. So, as you’re smelling the roses on the 18th hole, know that you’ve got the back of Mother Earth. And she’s a pretty awesome caddy to have.

Key Benefits:

  • Blooming Style: With its floral design, you’re the blossom of the clubhouse.
  • Garden of Comfort: Four-way stretch fabric for smooth struts down the fairway.
  • Freedom Flowers: Rolled-forward shoulder seams for the ultimate golfing ballet.
  • Eco Warrior: Made from recycled materials, so you’re Captain Planet in disguise.
  • Solar Shade: Sun protection UPF 50+ to keep you cool under the sun.

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