Golf is a game of tradition, skill, and focus, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun and entertaining! Introducing some humor to the sport, golf gag gifts are the perfect way to add a bit of laughter to any golfer's life. In this article, we've compiled a list of the best golf gag gift ideas, from comical apparel to novelty items, ensuring that you'll find something to tickle the funny bone of your favorite golfer.

Funny Golf T-Shirts and Apparel

When it comes to combining humor and golf, funny golf t-shirts and apparel are a hole-in-one choice. These lighthearted clothing items not only bring laughter to the wearer but also to fellow golfers on the course. With witty slogans, amusing illustrations, and playful designs, funny golf t-shirts and apparel serve as excellent icebreakers and conversation starters, making them perfect for casual golf outings or even themed events. In this section, we'll showcase some of the most entertaining golf apparel options available, ranging from hilarious t-shirts to comical accessories. Get ready to up your golf fashion game and make a statement on the greens with these amusing golf apparel ideas!

Hilarious Golf Slogans

A funny golf t-shirt can be an excellent conversation starter on the course, and there are plenty of hilarious golf slogans out there to choose from. From witty one-liners like "I'd Tap That" with an image of a golf hole, to puns such as "May The Course Be With You," these shirts can bring a smile to any golfer's face.

Comical Golf Attire

Why stop at t-shirts when there are so many other clothing items that can be turned into a hilarious golf gag gift? Some examples include comical golf socks featuring golf-themed patterns, silly golf hats with built-in hair, and even golf-themed underwear. The possibilities are endless!

Golf Novelty Items

Golf novelty items are a fantastic way to bring some humor and amusement into the world of golf, both on and off the course. These quirky and entertaining products cater to the lighter side of the sport, offering a wide range of fun and unique gift ideas for any golf enthusiast. From prank golf balls that elicit priceless reactions to whimsical golf accessories that add a touch of lightheartedness to the game, golf novelty items are perfect for those who appreciate a good laugh. In this section, we'll explore an array of clever and amusing golf novelty items that are sure to delight and entertain any golfer in your life. Get ready to tee up some fun with these unforgettable golf gag gift ideas!

Prank Golf Balls

For a classic golf prank, consider giving the gift of prank golf balls. These balls might look like the real deal, but they can do everything from exploding upon impact to wobbling uncontrollably when hit. The reactions of unsuspecting golfers are sure to be priceless!

Quirky Golf Accessories

In addition to prank golf balls, there's a whole world of quirky golf accessories to explore. Some examples include golf club-shaped pens, golf ball soap, and even a toilet golf game for those moments when practice time is hard to come by.

Golf-themed Drinkware

Add a splash of humor to a golfer's drinkware collection with amusing golf-themed options. These whimsical and entertaining glasses, mugs, and tumblers are perfect for toasting victories on the course or simply enjoying a beverage while reminiscing about memorable golfing moments.

Humorous Golf Mugs

A golf-themed mug with a funny saying or image can be the perfect way to start a golfer's day off with a laugh. Options range from mugs featuring comical golf cartoons to those with clever golf puns and wordplay.

Novelty Golf-themed Coasters

Protect surfaces from drink rings while adding a touch of humor with golf-themed coasters. These can feature funny golf sayings, comical images, or even resemble putting greens, providing a fun way for golf enthusiasts to show off their love for the game.

Golf Books and Calendars

Delve into the lighter side of golf with hilarious books and calendars designed to tickle the funny bone of any golf enthusiast. From collections of amusing anecdotes to joke-a-day calendars, these literary treasures provide endless entertainment and laughter for golfers both on and off the course.

Funny Golf Books

For the golfer who loves to read, consider giving a funny golf book. Titles like "Golf's Funniest Anecdotes" or "501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot" provide a light-hearted take on the game, making them great gifts for golf lovers with a sense of humor.

Golf Joke Calendars

Keep the laughter going all year long with a golf joke calendar. Each month features a new golf-themed joke or funny image, providing a constant source of amusement for golf enthusiasts.

Golf-inspired Home Décor

Infuse a golfer's home with a touch of humor and whimsy through amusing golf-inspired home décor. From comical wall art to quirky decorative items, these lighthearted additions effortlessly showcase a golfer's passion for the sport while bringing laughter and charm to their living space.

Golf Wall Art

Inject some humor into a golfer's home with comical golf wall art. From funny golf quotes and sayings to amusing illustrations, there's a wide variety of hilarious golf-inspired pieces to choose from.

Golf-themed Door Mats

Welcome guests with a chuckle by gifting a golf-themed door mat. Featuring humorous golf sayings or images, these mats are a lighthearted way to show off a golfer's love for the sport.

Golf Party Supplies

Elevate any golf-themed celebration with a healthy dose of humor by incorporating comical golf party supplies. From amusing invitations to quirky decorations, these entertaining elements are sure to create a memorable and laughter-filled atmosphere that will delight golf enthusiasts and partygoers alike.

Golf Party Invitations

Hosting a golf-themed party? Kick things off with a laugh by sending out comical golf party invitations. With options ranging from silly golf cartoons to clever puns, you're sure to find the perfect invite to set the tone for a fun-filled event.

Comical Golf Party Decorations

Keep the laughs going throughout the party with funny golf decorations. From gag golf-themed banners and balloons to comical golf-themed tableware, these humorous touches will create a memorable atmosphere for any golf enthusiast.

Customizable Golf Gag Gifts

Personalized Golf Balls

For a more personal touch, consider gifting customized golf balls featuring funny sayings, images, or even the recipient's name. These balls can be used on the course or displayed as a fun keepsake.

Custom Golf Headcovers

Add some personality to a golfer's gear with a custom golf headcover. Choose from comical designs like animal characters or funny faces, and personalize it with the golfer's name or initials for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Golf-themed Toys and Games

Golf Puzzles and Board Games

For those who love both golf and games, consider gifting a golf-themed puzzle or board game. Options include golf trivia games, golf-themed jigsaw puzzles, or even a golf-inspired version of a classic game like Monopoly.

Golf Plush Toys

Golf plush toys, like stuffed golf balls or golf club-wielding animals, make for adorable and humorous gifts for golf enthusiasts of all ages.

Funny Golf Awards and Trophies

Humorous Golf Trophies

For the golfer who doesn't take themselves too seriously, a funny golf trophy can be a great way to celebrate their achievements (or lack thereof) on the course. Options include trophies for "World's Okayest Golfer," "Longest in the Woods," or "Best Dressed."

Comical Golf Award Certificates

If a physical trophy isn't quite right, consider gifting a comical golf award certificate instead. With options like "Most Creative Swear Words" or "Most Lost Balls," these certificates can be a hilarious addition to a golfer's collection.

Golf Gift Baskets and Sets

Themed Golf Gift Baskets

For the golfer who has everything, a golf gag gift basket

filled with a variety of humorous items is sure to be a hit. Include items such as funny golf balls, comical golf-themed snacks, and novelty golf accessories for a well-rounded and entertaining gift.

Golf Gag Gift Sets

Alternatively, choose a pre-made golf gag gift set with a selection of amusing items tailored to a specific theme or golfer's personality. From sets focusing on toilet humor to those featuring pop culture references, there's something to suit every golfer's sense of humor.

Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts

Mini Golf Gag Gifts

For smaller gift-giving occasions, consider mini golf gag gifts like golf-themed stress balls, comical ball markers, or funny golf tees. These affordable options are perfect for stocking stuffers or as an amusing addition to a larger gift.

Golf-themed Keychains

A golf-themed keychain can be a simple yet entertaining gift for a golfer. Options include keychains shaped like golf clubs or balls, or those featuring amusing golf sayings or images.


Golf gag gifts are a fantastic way to bring some laughter and lightheartedness to the often serious world of golf. From comical apparel to novelty items and everything in between, this guide has provided a wide range of humorous gift ideas for the golf enthusiast in your life. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect present to keep your favorite golfer smiling on and off the course.


Are golf gag gifts appropriate for all occasions?

While golf gag gifts can be a fun and entertaining choice for many occasions, it's important to consider the recipient's personality and the context of the event. Some golfers may appreciate a humorous gift more than others, so use your judgment when selecting the perfect gift.

Can I find golf gag gifts at my local golf store?

While some golf stores may carry a selection of golf gag gifts, your best bet for finding a wide variety of options is to shop online. Many online retailers specialize in golf gifts and offer a diverse range of humorous products.

Are there any age restrictions for golf gag gifts?

Some golf gag gifts may not be suitable for younger golfers or those with more conservative tastes. Always consider the recipient's age and sense of humor when choosing a gift.

Can I customize a golf gag gift with the recipient's name or initials?

Many golf gag gifts, such as personalized golf balls or custom golf headcovers, can be customized with the recipient's name or initials for a more personal touch.

Are golf gag gifts expensive?

Golf gag gifts are available at a wide range of price points, making them suitable for any budget. Whether you're looking for an affordable stocking stuffer or a more extravagant gift set, there's a golf gag gift option to fit your needs.

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