Uncover the hidden secrets of a game-changing golf towel - these epic hacks will revolutionize your golfing experience!

When it comes to playing golf, attention to detail can make all the difference in your game. One often overlooked accessory that can significantly improve your golfing experience is a reliable golf towel. In this blog post, we will explore how golf towels can be game-changers and provide you with some essential towel hacks to elevate your golfing experience.

What Is a Golf Towel Used For?

Before diving into the various hacks, let's understand the purpose of a golf towel. A golf towel is a specifically designed towel used by golfers to enhance their play and improve overall performance. It serves multiple practical uses on the golf course and can be a symbol of golfing etiquette.

Definition and Characteristics of a Golf Towel

A golf towel is typically a small-sized towel made from highly absorbent and durable fabric, specifically designed for golfing purposes. Unlike regular towels, golf towels are compact, quick-drying, and often have special features such as a grommet or clip for convenience. These characteristics make them ideal for use on the golf course, where players need to keep their equipment and hands clean and dry.

Practical Uses of Golf Towels

Now, let's explore some of the practical uses of golf towels:

Cleaning Golf Clubs

One of the primary uses of a golf towel is for cleaning golf clubs. During play, dirt, grass, and debris can accumulate on the clubheads, affecting their performance. By using a golf towel, you can easily remove the dirt and grass, ensuring optimal functionality and maintaining the lifespan of your clubs. Additionally, a clean club offers better grip, leading to improved control and accuracy in your shots.

Wiping Hands and Face

Golf is a physically demanding sport, and players often encounter sweaty hands and faces during a round. A golf towel comes in handy for wiping away sweat and moisture. By keeping your hands dry, you can maintain a firm grip on the club, reducing the chances of slipping and mishits. Additionally, wiping the face with a golf towel helps keep you cool and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your game. But please use a different one for your face than your clubs...

Cleaning Golf Balls

Golf balls can collect dirt, mud, and grass while traversing the course. A golf towel is perfect for keeping your golf balls clean and free from debris. By wiping away any unwanted substances, you can ensure accurate putting and improve visibility on the green, enhancing your overall performance.

Additional Benefits of Golf Towels

Beyond their practical uses, golf towels offer additional benefits:

Personal Hygiene

A golf towel can serve as a convenient solution for cleaning hands and maintaining personal hygiene during your game. It also helps keep your hands and equipment clean on the course.

Symbol of Golfing Etiquette

Golf is known for its adherence to etiquette and sportsmanship. Carrying a golf towel and using it appropriately showcases your respect for the game and fellow players. It reflects your commitment to maintaining cleanliness, professionalism, and the overall spirit of golfing etiquette.

Popular Types of Golf Towels

Now that we understand the significance of golf towels, let's explore some popular types:

Tri-folded Golf Towels

Tri-folded golf towels provide versatility and accessibility during play. The compact and foldable design allows easy attachment to golf bags, ensuring that your towel is always within reach when you need it. This style of golf towel is "the classic" often preferred by players who value convenience and the old look on the course.

Microfiber Golf Towels

Microfiber golf towels are made from highly absorbent materials that are specifically designed to dry quickly. The fine fibers in microfiber towels efficiently soak up moisture, making them ideal for wiping away sweat or cleaning golf clubs and balls. Additionally, microfiber towels are non-scratch, ensuring that they won't damage delicate club finishes.

Pros and Cons of Different Golf Towel Materials

Cotton Towel:


  • Soft and absorbent
  • Providing excellent moisture removal. 


  • Can be prone to shrinking and losing shape after multiple washes.
  • Dries slowly
  • Becomes heavy when absorbing water

Polyester/Microfiber Towel:


  • Ultra-soft and highly absorbent
  • Ideal for removing debris and sweat.
  • Dries quickly


  • Accumulates dirt very fast
  • equires frequent washing to maintain efficacy

Bamboo Towel:


  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight, and antimicrobial.


  • Not as absorbent as cotton or polyester/microfiber
  • Requires more passes to dry equipment effectively

Synthetic Blend Towel:


  • Combines the benefits of multiple materials, such as cotton, microfiber, and others. 


  • Quality may vary based on the specific blend and manufacturing methods


Ultimately, the choice of golf towel material depends on personal preferences and priorities. Consider factors like absorbency, durability, texture, and environmental impact to select the material that best suits your needs.

Different Weaves, Different Benefits

Ultimately, the choice of weaving for a golf towel depends on personal preferences and the desired balance between absorbency, texture, and aesthetics. At birdie+1 we decided for the "Waffle". That's definitely the favorite of our whole team.

1. Terry Weave:

+ Pros: Terry weave towels are highly absorbent and plush, making them great for drying off clubs and hands during a round of golf.
- Cons: They may accumulate more dirt and debris due to their larger loops and can be bulkier to carry.

terry weave

2. Waffle Weave:

+ Pros: Waffle weave towels have a unique texture that allows them to absorb moisture quickly while remaining lightweight.
- Cons: The smaller pockets in the waffle pattern may not hold as much moisture as other weaves, requiring more passes for effective drying.

Roasted Rainbows Golf Waffle Towel Attachment Hook

3. Jacquard Weave:

+ Pros: Jacquard weave towels often feature intricate patterns or logos, adding a decorative touch to the towel.
- Cons: Depending on the design, the raised yarns in the jacquard pattern may slightly decrease absorbency compared to other weaves.

Jacquard Weave

4. Velour Weave:

+ Pros: Velour weave towels have a smooth and plush surface, providing a luxurious feel.
- Cons: The smooth surface may be less effective at absorbing moisture compared to other weaves, and they may also be more prone to showing dirt and stains.

velvet texture close up 2022 01 30 07 12 13 utc

Caring for a Golf Towel

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your golf towel:

Proper Washing and Maintenance Tips

When washing your golf towel, it is advisable to follow these tips:

  • Machine wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash with mild detergent for best results.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners as they can reduce the towel's absorbency and effectiveness.

Drying and Storage Recommendations

After washing, adopt the following practices for drying and storing your golf towel:

  • Air drying is recommended to maintain the towel's quality and prevent shrinkage.
  • If machine drying, use low heat or tumble dry settings to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Ensure the towel is completely dry before storing to prevent any odor or mildew.
  • Store the towel in a well-ventilated area to maintain freshness and avoid moisture buildup.


Golf towels are a small accessory, but their impact on your golfing experience can be significant. From ensuring clean equipment and maintaining personal hygiene to showcasing etiquette and sportsmanship, golf towels offer a range of benefits. By investing in a quality golf towel and implementing the hacks mentioned above, you can elevate your golfing experience and improve your overall performance on the course.

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