Elite Fitted


Elevate every outfit. Elite Fitted Cap: Athletic elegance meets perfect fit.

  • Premium blend: 63% polyester, 34% cotton, 3% spandex twill: Luxe & Lasting.
  • Athletic shape & curved visor: For the Modern Sportsman.
  • 6-panel structured design: Breathable & Stylish.
  • Elastic stretch band: Perfect Fit Every Time.
  • Silver undervisor: Touch of Elegance.

Dive deep into the world of unmatched comfort and athletic elegance with the Elite Fitted Cap. It’s not just a hat; it’s an experience, a journey of transcendence from mere headwear to a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

This unique cap boasts a blend of 63% polyester, 34% cotton, and a touch of 3% spandex twill, meticulously woven to create a fabric that caresses your skin while radiating a shimmer of premium aesthetics. Designed for those who refuse to compromise on either style or comfort, the Elite Fitted Cap showcases its athletic shape perfectly, emphasized by its artfully curved visor.

Structured with six carefully crafted panels and offering a mid-profile fit, it merges flawlessly with a discreet low-profile embroidery area. The 6 meticulously embroidered eyelets are not just a design choice – they are an innovation, enhancing breathability and adding to the cap’s aura of sophistication.

The game-changer? Its stretch band. Skillfully embedded, the elastic stretch band ensures the cap fits you just right, every single time. Say goodbye to the age-old inconvenience of readjusting your cap; the Elite Fitted has got you covered.

As a finishing touch, the silver undervisor lends a luxurious hue, a subtle reflection of the elite choice you’ve made. With a fitting range from a head circumference of 22” to 23β…žβ€, it’s versatile enough to be every head’s confidant. This cap is more than a product; it’s a commitment to unparalleled quality.

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